Partnering with Avipep

In parallel with the development of its internal programs Avipep is enthusiastic about partnering with other companies to more broadly exploit its technology.

Avipep can take an existing antibody and ‘reformat’ it into an Avibody. Using molecular modelling, conjugation sites can then be engineered into the Avibody. Avipep has a collaboration with affinity Bio to utilise its retained display (ReD) system for the generation of Avibodies starting with the target protein. This approach has the advantages of speed both in the selection of the Avibody and because the conjugation sites are already engineered into the library. Affinity’s FACS-based system can generate picomolar affinity scFv suitable for characterization in 5-10 days.

Avipep can employ various conjugation strategies and linkers depending on the nature of the target. Avipep is also evaluating a next generation auristatin developed at Arizona State University as a toxin for use in antibody-drug conjugates.